Achieve Fuller-Looking Brows With Microblading



Microblading is different than your conventional eyebrow tattooing due to fact that each hair-stroke is done by hand using a blade that makes tiny slices in the skin, in contrast to eyebrow tattoos that are completed by machine and single needle bunch. Microblading is usually used on eyebrows for producing, enhancing, or reshaping their appearance regarding both color and shape. 

Eyebrow Microblading Pricing

New Client, Full Microblading

$550 Regular Price

$100 Off (Sale Price $450)

Includes your two visits (Initial and 8 week touch up)

Full eyebrow mapping, color consult, and microblading.  Duration varies, 2-3 hours

Returning Client "Yearly" Microblading Touch-up

Color and shape refresh and perfecting appointment, one visit. Must be done within 24 mos., shape still present with very faint strokes left. Duration varies, 1-2 hours


**If you have had permanent makeup in the past from another artist, then it is considered a new procedure and new procedure rates and policies will apply.

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