Microblading is different than your conventional eyebrow tattooing due to fact that each hair-stroke is done by hand using a blade that makes tiny slices in the skin, in contrast to eyebrow tattoos that are completed by machine and single needle bunch. Microblading is usually used on eyebrows for producing, enhancing or reshaping their appearance regarding both color and shape. They deposit pigment into the upper area of the dermis, so it fades quicker than conventional tattooing techniques, that deposit the pigment deeper. Microblading specialists aren’t necessarily tattooists, and vice versa, since the techniques require different types of training.

According to HarpersBazaar, “There are a dizzying number of brow products and services at our disposal aimed to get us lush and thick brows. But one treatment took Instagram by storm: microblading, the process of tattooing tiny brow hairs with a needle. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows.”

How Long Does Microblading Last?

According to Healthline, The results of microblading can last anywhere between 18 months and 2 ½ years. As you see pigment from the procedure begin to obviously fade, you will have to go back to your specialist for touch up applications. Touch ups may be necessary every 6 months or each year, depending on the type of skin you have and the look you prefer.

Microblading touch-ups are comparable to getting hair touch ups for your roots. If you catch it fast, when it first starts to fade, you can easily have the pigment filled in. But if you wait longer than your specialist suggests, you might have to have the entire microblading procedure done over on each of your eyebrows. This is time-consuming and a lot more expensive than touch up applications.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

According to Groupon, The price of microblading eyebrows is costly—many studios charge between $700 and $800 for each treatment (some Groupon deals can get it to about $199). Fortunately, it’s worth the money. You might need touch ups here and there, but every morning you will wake up with full and thick brows, without needing to put in any work yourself. Learn more about how much microblading costs.

How Does Microblading Work?

Instead of giving you a batch of color like conventional tattooing, minute strokes are done by hand to give the appearance of real hairs, which is the reason those in search of perfect brows prefer it. A lot of cosmetologists classify it as semi-permanent, but with routine top ups and great aftercare maintenance, it can last an eternity. It’s perfect for people that have alopecia or those that have gone through chemotherapy, or just your average Suzanne who just wants to up their brow game.

With new techniques for the first time like micro-feathering, that is microblading with a softer touch with more focus on adding just a small amount to the brows’ existing form, and Ombré or micro-shading, that imitates the look of brow make-up with a more clearly filled in appearance rather than hair like strokes.

Forever Beauty By Princess offers Mircroblading in Scottsdale, AZ

Achieve Fuller-Looking Brows with Microblading in Scottsdale, AZ.


  • $550  This includes your two visits (Initial and 8 week touch up)
  • Full eyebrow mapping, color consult, and microblading.  Duration varies, 2-3 hours



  • Color and shape refresh and perfecting appointment, one visit. Must be done within 18 mos., shape still present with very faint strokes left. Duration varies, 1-2 hours